A Sandbar Near Memphis, Tennessee
September 30, 2019

Dear Family & Friends:

I took a zero day in Caruthersville on September 27 in order to resupply and  purchase a new iPhone. From Caruthersville, I paddled to an island about 32 miles downstream. On September 29, I arrived in Osceola, Arkansas where I met Jimbo, Christy and James, who were picnicking in a beautiful park overlooking the River.  They invited me to join them and served me dinner. Jimbo then gave me a tour of the Arkansas flatlands near Osceola. He pointed out the highest mountain in Arkansas, which was an ash heap from a coal-fired power plant. Christy and I have a lot in common since she has a 17-year old special needs son who looks just like my Ollie. I tent camped at the picnic sight. Memphis was 60 miles downstream.

On September 30, I had a big day paddling and camped on a sandbar not far from Memphis. That evening, I witnessed a beautiful sunset.

I was so excited to be near Memphis since my wife, daughter and two grandchildren were joining me in Memphis.



Memphis Bound Campsites

Memphis Bound Jimbo & Bill

Memphis Bound James, Christy & Bill