Weather, Weather, Weather

Somewhere on the Mississippi bank of the River
October 16, 2019

Dear Family & Friends:

On October 14, Ed took me back down the River to my canoe about 8 miles south of his home.

I made good progress down the River in near perfect conditions. I’m guessing I travelled over 40 miles from Ed’s home.

I was expecting a big weather day on October 15 so I set up my campsite early on the Mississippi side of the River and braced for the big storm. I had no idea how big this storm would be.

The rain started at 4:30 am on October 15. It rained hard all day and night. I could not leave my tent even to stretch my legs.

The storm finally broke at 3 am today. I woke up to cloudy skies with lots of blue peeking through. The River is calm with a fast current and the winds are from the North. So, that’s good ! I will be on the River at 8:30 am.  Just a few miles south of my campsite, I will leave Arkansas and enter my tenth, and final, state-Louisiana.  Mississippi will be on my left (East) and Louisiana will be on my right (West).


Bracing for the storm
Danny’s initials (kind of)
In the storm,
Welcome to my home. Please remove your shoes. No smoking.
Passing Riverboat. Wish I was on it.
Sorta clear skies. Yipee.


10 thoughts on “Weather, Weather, Weather

  1. Bill, we seem to have something in common… a taste for Lay’s BBQ potato chips!
    Wow, you’ve reached the home stretch, two more states to go…
    As Sandra pined, we will miss your Mississippi posts…
    Good wishes as you continue paddling south…

  2. Bill,
    It’s been a blast following your river journey! You have a new type of grit for the trials of the water over the mountains and I am very impressed. You always seem to share with us the best sides of humanity in your endeavors. That is so special as we tend to forget how giving others can be in this world. Thanks for sharing and I am excited you are in your last state! Will continue to keep you in my prayers. Go Bill Go!!!

  3. So glad you are on final stages of your trip you have sure been in lots of bad weather but just kept pushing made lots of new friends along the way what memories you are making will be glad when you are home again

  4. Could you please bring some of that rain home with you to California? Again thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. It was interesting to see the alone time which does not seem as much fun or as interesting as the “problems” that have brought you into contact with so many good people.

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