Costa Mesa, California
June 29, 2020

Dear Family & Friends:

I hope you are having a restful and covid-free summer.

On June 30, National Geographic is screening a film titled “Lost on Everest.” The film is advertised as a documentary recounting the search for the body of Andrew Irvine, who disappeared on the North side of Mt. Everest in 1924 along with George Mallory. The film is worth viewing because of the spectacular photos and video footage of the North side of Mt. Everest and its depiction of what it takes to reach the summit. In one memorable scene, a tent can be seen tumbling and turning as it is blown thousands of feet into the atmosphere after having been ripped from its moorings on the North Col. I can relate to that footage since I encountered a much worse storm in 2014. Unfortunately, the search for Irvine was limited and appears relegated to a footnote in the film. We still don’t know if Mallory and Irvine reached the summit before they perished on the mountain.

Here is a fantastic 3D photo of Mt. Everest showing both the South Approach and the North Approach. (click for better view)

Below is an article that recently appeared in Mesa Verde Living, a neighborhood magazine. (click for better view)

I am still hoping to walk the Camino de Santiago in the late Fall.

God is good.