Call to Action!

Costa Mesa, California

September 1, 2020

Namaste Family & Friends:

So, you don’t want to add a climb of Mt. Everest to your bucket list. Okay, I get it.

Can I at least convince you to get out of your comfortable chair, depart from your familiar city, state and country and travel to Nepal to experience the Himalaya first hand? Before you answer, watch the video of my trek from Lukla to Gokyo as part of the 2017 Burke Khang expedition.

There are thousands of Himalaya trekking trails in Nepal. They range through stunningly beautiful countryside which is full of history, culture and religion. They are easily accessible to everyone, from the experienced mountaineer to the weekend warrior. Trekking is also inexpensive when compared to other, less adventurous (and much less fun) endeavors. The people of Nepal are infused with kindness, peace and love. They welcome all visitors with open arms and open hearts. I don’t know anyone who has completed a trek in Nepal and not come back a changed and better person.

Do yourself a favor. Climb out of the box you are trapped in and enjoy life to the fullest. There is a wonderful world of adventure just waiting for you to answer the call.

If not now. When?


Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than the ones you did do. 

So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor and catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore, dream, discover

Mark Twain

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(photos and videos courtesy of Bill Burke and teammates)






14 thoughts on “Call to Action!

  1. For a minute there, I thought you were getting up a trip and I was going to want to join it! The video Brought back Great memories of my trek to EBC.
    I’m sure you have wanderlust if you have not answered the call since your canoe trip. Come back to MS – I’ve discovered some more unique places I would like to take you!😊

  2. Spectacular!! Thank you, Bill, for taking me on that amazing trek to a beautiful part of our world that I could never see on my own.

  3. Great video, Bill, which brought back fond memories of my 90 days of trekking in the magnificent Himalayas. I see Lukla runway is modernized, now asphalted (when I landed there, years ago, it was a dusty gravel strip) and Gokyo is electrified and has expanded considerably!
    Hopefully someone viewing your video will be compelled to cast off the bowline and go on a trekking adventure in Nepal (the Annapurna Circuit is also recommended). As you aptly say, hiking in Nepal is a positive, life changing experience. I plan to return, myself!
    Namaste, k;-)

  4. Yes, Bill, travel in Nepal is everything you’ve captured and more. Tourism money is a major component of Nepal’s GNP, and I would welcome another tour with you.


  5. Thanks Bill,
    Brought back some very fond memories. Didn’t go to Gokyo stayed right on to Everest,
    Great Trek, everyone needs to go.

  6. Thanks for the journey. I enjoyed it so much having been there 2017. You may recall, I talked with there and gave you the newspaper clip of your successful summit. I’m waiting for your next announcement of attempt to be the oldest to summit Everest. If you do go back I would love to join you to base camp.

  7. Bill:

    I absolutely loved your call to action. A trip to the Himalayas is definitely on my list.

    I wanted to share my project for next year. I turn 50 on January 29th, 2021. From that day through 1/28/2022, I’ll complete 50 things during my 50th year on this glorious planet. I’m calling it my #50at50 project.

    Some of these will be physical, some mental, some comfortable, and some very uncomfortable. I’m asking friends, family, and podcast listeners to suggest items, too.

    I’ll post the list and start checking them off come 1/29/2021. Thought I’d share this because it falls in line with your call to action. Can’t wait to watch your next adventure!

    Kind regards,


  8. Hello Bill! Your link and video was passed on to me by some friends in the US, who know I’m a nut for visiting Nepal. First time in 2003 as a 63 year old to the Everest Region and back a further 14 times to same area. I have been sooo privileged to meet many amazing people. 3 Guides over my 15 treks, 1 porter for 13 of those 15 treks. Namche Hotel with Maya 14times. Have been instrumental in helping many dozens of fellow NZ’ers and Australians to experience their lives changing, new honeymoons with the wonderful people “Up High” as they say. Your video where I recognised every inch of the way was an incredible boost at a tough time for me. My last trek Nov ’18 ended in disaster as I got a serious chest infection 3 days into my trek at Namche. Lost all power so came down slowly!
    Very involved with a Fair Trade School Kumbeshwar Tec Schl in Lalitpur which must be one of the poorest parts of Kathmandu. Take care Bill and Thanks from New Zealand

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