Pacifica Presentation

Costa Mesa, California

November 10, 2020

Dear Family & Friends:

My Everest presentations usually take 60 to 90 minutes.

I was asked by a Christian high school attended by my grandchildren to deliver a presentation no longer than 10 minutes. I have never done this before and did not think it was possible. Below is the video I came up with.


(watch in full screen mode)
My daughter, Amy, and her children, Ava, Elle & Danny, who attended, or are currently attending, Pacifica Christian High School


9 thoughts on “Pacifica Presentation

  1. Always breathtaking to see these photos Bill.
    I’ll bet there were three proud grandchildren and a bunch of inspired classmates.

  2. Love this, it takes my breath away to see how difficult this is and how you never give up. As Danny would say “Mr Burke charges”

  3. Nice distillation of your Everest adventures, Bill. Am sure you made a positive impression on many young folks at the high school.
    Agree with Rich, all three lasses look like granddaughters! k;-)

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