Burke-Khang Redux

Costa Mesa, Ca. February 23, 2017 “stubborn” |ˈstəbərn|–having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so; difficult to move, remove, or cure; done or continued in a willful, unreasonable or persistent manner. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Dear Family & Friends: I […]


2016 Burke-Khang Recap

Prelude: this is a lengthy report followed by a 30-minute movie of our 2016 Burke-Khang expedition. After the movie, I have included interviews of Naga Dorjee Sherpa and David Liano. The movie and interviews will carry special meaning if you first read the report. So, find your favorite easy chair, stoke the fire in the […]


We Never Had a Chance

Kathmandu, Nepal November 13, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: I am safely back in Kathmandu, now making plans to return home. Thanks for following the expedition this year and for your warm thoughts, words and prayers on our behalf. I am constantly sustained by your love and support. As usual, I will be transmitting to […]


Time To Come Home

November 9, 2016 We just (finally) received this brief message from my dad from his portable device. “Dear Family- The trip is over. The mountain is a beast! Small but mighty. Kicked our butt big time-especially mine. I plan to leave Burke-Khang alone. This mountain is for the ages. Even David and the experienced Sherpas […]


Audio Report From Base Camp Before Heading Up

November 6, 2016 Link to new audio report Map-Where’s Bill?


Audio Report From Base Camp

November 4, 2016   Link to Audio Report  


Audio Report from Glacial Lake #5

November 3, 2016 Link to Audio


Gokyo Ri Peak

Gokyo November 2, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: This morning, for exercise and acclimatization, David and I scaled Gokyo Ri Peak. The elevation gain was over 2,000,feet and the mountain is very vertical, with no level sections. I thought it was a rigorous workout. So much for a “rest day.” The summit of Gokyo Ri […]


Another Great Day

Gokyo-15,640 feet November 1, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: This was my best day of the trip. We left Machermo at 8:20 am and arrived in Gokyo at 11:15 am. We traveled 5.4 miles and gained 1,194 feet in altitude.  I feel like I am acclimatizing really well. I got 8 hours of sleep last night and my […]


First View of Burke-Khang

Machermo-14,446 feet October 31, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: Today, on the way to Machermo, we had our first view of Burke-Khang, sitting deep up the Gokyo Valley. Though we will not stand on its flanks for many days, it was a majestic and beautiful sight. We departed Dole at 8:30 am. David travelled ahead, and […]