Recap of the Trip

Costa Mesa, California June 17, 2009 Dear Family & Friends: Here is the recap I promised. My Performance on the Mountain Alex Lowe, the late, great mountaineer, always said that the best climbers are the ones that are having the most fun.  Judged solely by this standard, I was one of the best climbers on […]


Going Home!!

Kathmandu June 7, 2009 Namaste: Today I fly home, and I am so happy!  I have been here over 2 months. My flight leaves Kathmandu at 1:50 PM.  I make 1 stop in Bangkok, change planes and then fly to Los Angeles.  I arrive on June 7 at 9:25 PM. Last night, I hosted a dinner at […]


And The Extreme Sporting Adventure Was…

Click the following link to hear the report:


Miscellaneous News

Kathmandu June 2, 2009 Namaste: Here is some more miscellaneous news. Today, I returned to the Ministry of Tourism and Mountaineering to file my post-climb report as Expedition Leader.  This time, Kaju prepared me well and it went quite smoothly.  All members of the team that summitted (Yura, Nick, Krushnaa, Walter, Bernice and me) will now receive summit […]


Jesse Is Going Home!!

Kathmandu June 2, 2009 Namaste: Good news! Jesse is heading home today. A medical attendant arrived from the states and will be accompanying him home, business class no less. Some of you inquired about the drug that made him sick. He was taking dexamethasone. Dex is a powerful steroid drug that is intended to treat […]