Gokyo to Burke-Khang

Costa Mesa, California November 30, 2015 Dear Family & Friends: As promised, this is my post-trip report concerning the Burke-Khang expedition. The report begins with our move from the village of Gokyo to Burke-Khang Base Camp and concludes with our helicopter flight from Advance Base Camp to Lukla. The report is lengthy, so grab a […]


Hanging Out in Pokhara

November 20, 2015 Pokhara, Nepal Dear Family & Friends: After repeated attempts to change my flights home, I gave up and resigned myself to stay in Nepal until my original departure date on November 23. But, I opted for a change of scenery and moved to Pokhara, about a 25-minute flight from Kathmandu. Pokhara is a small resort-type […]


Safely Back in Kathmandu

November 13, 2015 Kathmandu, Nepal Dear Family & Friends: We are all safely back at the Yak & Yeti celebrating another fantastic and magical experience in the Himalaya. This report will be brief because all 10 of my fingers are frost-nipped. They will heal quickly, but, for now, it is hard to type because the […]


They Are All Safely Down

November 12, 2015 We finally heard from Bill late last night! He called his wife Sharon from Lukla and briefly reported that all is well and the trip was great. They were so exhausted after descending to Base Camp that they took a helicopter back to Lukla instead of the very long trek back down. […]


Still Waiting

We have not yet personally heard from Bill (most likely due to no battery left in satellite phone), but Garrett Madison has corresponded with his team back home and has sent some amazing photos. The photo below is the rock wall that turned them around-I think they made a wise decision! See more amazing photos at […]


So Close…. The Smart Decision To Turn Around

We just received this info from Garrett’s support team… “The climbing team got extremely close to the summit and unfortunately had to head back due to a very dangerous rock face. They believed the rock shelf was prone to falling. They are now headed back down to Camp 1.” We are happy they are safe […]


Summit Anticipation!

Garrett Madison, the team’s expedition leader, had this update posted to his website last night: “Yesterday Garrett & Sid, along with four of our climbing Sherpas went up from Camp 1 to work on fixing lines to the summit ridge. This was a slow and important step as we prepare the route for our climbing teams ascent. […]


Audio Report from Camp 1

November 8, 2015 Camp 1-East Buttress of Burke-Khang Following is the transcription of the audio report from Camp 1.  You can listen to the audio report below. “Namaste everyone it’s Bill Burke at Camp 1….the east buttress of Burke-Khang. We came up yesterday…about 2500 feet of elevation gain over 70 degrees vertical… over rocks and […]


Getting Ready for the Big Move

November 6, 2015 Advance Base Camp Namaste Family & Friends: Yesterday, we moved up to Advance Base Camp near Burke-Khang. The move across the Ngozumpa Glacier and up the Guanara Glacier was long and difficult. The entire trip took about 9 hours. We were all tired when we arrived at Advance Base Camp. The move […]


Another Day in Paradise

Burke-Khang Base Camp November 3, 2015 Namaste Family & Friends: Today is Garrett Madison’s 37th birthday. Happy Birthday Garrett! As a member of this tight climbing and trekking group, Garrett is more of a brother than a guide. We love you Garrett. Yesterday, we hiked up to Cho-Oyu Base Camp. Cho-Oyu is the 6th highest […]