Dear Friends & Family: I am afraid the tag line to my video-”to be continued…” created some confusion. The tag line should have said “to be continued in a future expedition.” Sorry for the confusion. The video ended with my arrival at Camp 3, which is high camp on the North side of Everest. The […]


Everest 2011 Video

Dear Family & Friends: Here is the 22 minute video I promised to post on my website. Bill Click here to watch in a new window.


Catching Up

Dear Family & Friends: I have finally had the opportunity to read all your posts on my website blog and Eightsummits Facebook page. I am so grateful for your prayers and wonderful words of support. I thought about you all the time I was on the mountain. It brought me joy and satisfaction in the […]


Home Sweet Home

Dear Family & Friends: I’m home. Yipeee! It was so sweet of my wife to set up one of my tents in the backyard so I would feel completely at home when I went to bed last night. Just kidding. In addition to the thanks I expressed in my last e-mail, I want to thank […]