Driveway Packing

Costa Mesa, Ca. March 29, 2014 How am I supposed to fit all this gear into this carry-on bag?


New Everest Technology

Costa Mesa, Ca. March 26, 2014 Hi Everyone: This year on Mt. Everest, I will deploy top secret technology designed and built for me by a fellow member of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles. If everything works as planned, you will see photos and video footage of Chomolumna that are unprecedented and truly stunning. […]


Where’s Bill?

Costa Mesa, Ca. March 23, 2014 Dear Family & Friends: I have added a link to my website titled “Everest 2014.” This link has two sub links–“Mt. Everest North Side Route” and “Where’s Bill”? Mt. Everest North Side Route tracks the route from Chinese Base Camp to the summit in very graphic detail. Where’s Bill? […]


Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story

March 14, 2014 Costa Mesa, Ca. Dear Family & Friends: I am pleased to announce that the documentary film “Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story” is finished and ready for distribution. The film was produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Allan Smith, through his production company DreamQuest Productions. Eight Summits features my climb of the highest […]