Back at Chinese Base Camp

May 29, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio report Sorry this is a bit muffled so in case it is hard to understand, the gist of it is: Bill is back at Chinese Base Camp.  He sadly reports the death of a Sherpa at Camp 3 who was with a polish climber from […]


Post-Summit Audio Report From Bill

May 27, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio report The report is a bit muffled- his family understands it, but in case others cannot- Bill called his wife Sharon before this report who took some brief notes to summarize the gist of things: _________________________________________________________________ snowed all the way up to summit spent one […]


Back Down to Camp 3

May 25, 2014 Early email from Sharon to their children…. Call from Mingma at 6 Dad is at Camp 3(hi camp) He will go to ABC tomorrow All is GOOD Since it is nighttime now he will sleep and continue when he wakes up (My words) Mom


At The Summit!!

May 24, 2014 Mingma, Bill’s Sirdar, just called to let us know Bill reached the summit at 9:45am Nepal time. Pray for his successful decent. So excited! Bill’s Family


Calling from Camp 3

May 23, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio report After posting this audio, Bill called his wife and said he is almost out of battery on his phone so we are not sure when we will hear from him (he will get an earful later about that). He will leave for the summit […]


Waiting to hear summit news

May 23, 2014 Last night (Friday, May 23rd) Bill’s wife Sharon reported “Just got a phone call from Mingma, which made my heart skip a beat or two, he is the Sirdar for Bill’s expedition. I guess he will be the one calling me from this point. Bill is at 8,300 meters or Camp 3 […]


North Col – Camp 1

May 22, 2014 Click here for new audio report This video of the north side route is interesting to watch at this point in the trip (also found in the gallery of this website)   (best to view in full screen mode)


Summit Plans

May 18, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio report Keep in mind as he mentions the dates in his plans, there is a significant time difference between the US and Mt Everest. (15 hours ahead of California)


Moving Up

May 17, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio report


A Little Everest History

May 16, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio post