First Ascent of Burke-Khang-Part 3

Burke-Khang-Part 3 Costa Mesa, Ca. August 24, 2015 Dear Family & Friends: Burke-Khang is not Mt. Everest or K-2. But, the allure of the mountain is its mystery, since it has never been climbed. After carefully reviewing the photos and video footage from my April helicopter recon of Burke-Khang, I am convinced this will be […]


First Ascent of Burke-Khang-Part 2

First Ascent of Burke-Khang-Part 2 Costa Mesa, Ca. August 22, 2015 Dear Family & Friends: In October, I will travel to Nepal to complete a first ascent Burke-Khang, the Himalaya mountain that was named after me by the government of Nepal in May of last year. I will be joined by a small, tight-knit, group […]


First Ascent of Burke-Khang-Part 1

Costa Mesa, Ca. August 20, 2015 Dear Family & Friends: Please stay with me for this 3-part report.  I have some absolutely stunning, never before seen, photos and video of Mt. Everest and Burke-Khang to share with you. On May 21, 2014, just 4 days before I reached the summit of Mt. Everest from the […]