Costa Mesa, California January 27, 2016 Dear Family & Friends: Ollie is back in the hospital. As many of you know, Oliver Dillon, my 15-year old grandson, has a severe disability. On top of this disability, he suffers from seizure-like episodes that cause him to stop breathing for periods of time that can last over […]


Bounce Back from the Setback

Costa Mesa, California January 22, 2016 Dear Family & Friends: My sincere thanks to all of you who offered such kind words of encouragement and advice. I view every one of you as true friends, and I am grateful for your love and support. Please know that I read, and re-read, every message and I […]



Costa Mesa, California January 14, 2016 Dear Family & Friends: 2016 has not started well for me. I had a freak accident on New Years Eve. Every year, a good friend invites Sharon and I to his New Years Eve party. He is a 92-year old World War II veteran. He doesn’t drink, so no […]


Burke-Khang Expedition

Costa Mesa, Ca. January 11, 2016 Dear Family & Friends: I hope your 2016 has started well and will finish in spectacular form. I culled through thousands of photos and hours of video to prepare a short movie of our Burke-Khang expedition late last year. You can watch this 37-minute movie by clicking on the […]