September 4, 2022

Logroño, Spain

Dear Family & Friends: 

Estella to Los Arcos-September 3, 2022 (13.7 miles)

I got off to a late start, leaving Estella at 10 am. I arrived in Los Arcos at 5 pm.

I had a very difficult time booking a room in Los Arcos. I ended up booking a room at Villa de Los Arcos. I arrived in Los Arcos with great expectations. Then, I found out the hotel is over 1 mile outside of Los Arcos on a major highway. So, I took a cab to the hotel which is appended to a gas station and convenience store. To make matters worse, the gas station/convenience store/hotel clerk could not find my reservation and did not speak a word of English. Using my English to Spanish translator App, I was able to book a room at the hotel. So, now, my world was back on its axis. Lesson #1: when traveling to a foreign country, book hotels in advance, do your homework and be sure to download a translator App on your smart phone. My App is great because I can speak into the microphone on my smart phone and the App will translate my words into Spanish. Lesson # 2: when traveling to a foreign country, always be flexible and adaptable to changed conditions, and never lose your cool. 

The move to Los Arcos was nice because I had cloud cover, a cool breeze and shade. Most of the terrain was flat, mixed with easy uphill and downhill sections. I saw a total of three other Pilgrims on the trail. My first stop, just outside Estella, was the Bodegas Irache Wine Fountain. The fountain has two spigots-one dispatches wine and the other dispatches water. The water and wine in the fountain symbolize the first miracle Jesus performed, turning water to wine at the Wedding of Cana. Bodegas Irache’s website has a live webcam. Check it out. 

I captured some great footage from my drone on the way to Los Arcos. Just before arriving at Los Arcos, a police vehicle patrolling the dirt roads on the Camino stopped and asked if I was okay. I’m sure they detected my age and slow movement and were concerned for my condition. I assured them I was fine and expressed my sincere thanks. 

Tomorrow is a 17.1 mile day. Yikes!!

Los Arcos to Logroño-September 4, 2022 (17.1 miles)

 I reached a milestone today on the Camino de Santiago. I have walked 106.2 miles! Only 486 miles to go. 

Today was a tough day. The trail was similar to the trail to Los Arcos. Only, the heat was unrelenting, I didn’t get much help from the wind, clouds and shade and the distance was 17.1 miles. I shared the Camino with a lot of other Pilgrims, but most of them stopped at Viana, which is only 10 miles from Los Arcos. Viana is a great stopping point, but I needed to gain more distance, so I continued on, seemingly alone, to Logrono. Logrono is a huge city, which reminds me of Los Angeles. I prefer the smaller towns, hamlets and villages in Spain, which provide a more intimate and homey feel. 

 Tomorrow, I push on to Najera, a walking distance of 18.5 miles.

(photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)

Bodegas Irate Wine Fountain

On the way to Los Arcos

On the way to Los Arcos

On the way to Los Arcos

On the way to Los Arcos

Castle on a hill

Gas station hotel

Cemetery outside of Los Arcos

Approaching Torres del Rio




Approaching Logrono

Manhattan in Spain