September 7, 2022

Villafranca Montes De Oca, Spain

Dear Family & Friends: 

Logrono to Najera, September 5, 2022 (18.5 miles)

Najera to Santo Domingo de La Caza, September 6, 2022 (13 miles)

Santo Domingo de La Caza to Villafranca Montes De Oca, September 7, 2022 (21.6 miles) 

These were three long days on the Camino. In this blog post, I will let the photos do the talking since long text dialogue cannot measure up to the photos. This country is breathtakingly beautiful. 

The 18.5 mile walk to Najera was long and hot, with little help from the weather. My favorite village along the way was Navarrete, a classic hilltop town known for its wine. The highlight of the day was my visit to Iglesia de la Asuncion, the town church built in the 16th Century. I love the churches in Spain. Every town has its own 16th to 17th Century church. Unfortunately, the churches are almost always closed when I pass by them. This time, Iglesia de la Asunciion was open. In this post, you will see a couple of photos. I was especially moved by the painting depicting St. John the Baptist baptizing Jesus at Bethany Beyond the Jordan. For stunning video, visit my Facebook page. 

The 13 mile walk to Najera to Santo Domingo de La Caza was special because the weather improved so much. There was some cloud cover and a mild breeze, which made the walk enjoyable. 

The 21.6 mile walk to Villafranca Montes De Oca was in perfect Camino de Santiago weather. I had constant cloud cover and a cool, almost cold, headwind the entire journey. I think the oppressive heat is now behind me. Admission: I took a cab to Villafranca for the last 5 miles because 21 miles is too much walking in one day for me. Please don’t turn me in to the Camino Policia!

A new issue has emerged to take the place of the heat. For decades, I have suffered from chronic back pain. The doctors have recommended against surgery. I have managed this back pain with stretching and regular exercise. Over the years, this has worked well. In the last few days, this back pain has emerged. The Aleve and Ibuprofin were not helping. So, I lightened my back pack by shipping gear to the next city, I stop and rest frequently and I visited a pharmacy today. The wonderful pharmacist gave me some new meds. Let’s hope they help. I am taking a rest day in Villafranca Montes De Oca tomorrow to give my poor old back a day to recover. No need for concern. Read the message on the rock photo. That was God speaking to me.

Leaving Logrono

Approaching Navarrete

Iglesia de La Asuncion

On the way to Santo Domingo de La Calzada

On the way to Villafranca Montes de Oca