September 18, 2022

Mansilla De Las Mulas, Spain

Dear Family & Friends: 

Sahagun to El Burgos Ranero, September 17, 2022 (11.1 miles)

Sorry folks, but nothing much to see here. The walk was on flatlands, alongside paved roads. My walking speed increased to 3 miles per hour, so I arrived in El Burgos Ranero in less than four hours. El Burgos Ranero is a quiet, small village, in contrast to the busy, vibrant city of Sahagun. The streets were empty and the buildings show a lot of wear and tear. But, the village was neat and clean, and the locals were welcoming and friendly. 

Booking rooms can be a challenge. I cannot book more than one or two days in advance, because I am not over-planning this trip. I want to have the opportunity to change my plans as circumstances dictate. This is what made my Mississippi River canoe trip so special. When I tried to book a room in El Burgos Ranero, all hotels, hostels and albergues were “completo,” meaning full. All except one: Albergue La Laguna. So, I booked the room. Then, I read the reviews. Here is a summary of just one. “Avoid this Albergue like the plague.” “My friend was put in an old garage, which she shared with four men, and I was marginally better off in an old cow byre.” “The showers were communal and attached to the toilets.” It got worse from there. When I arrived, the manager could not find my reservation. But, she worked hard and booked me in a nice private room. I loved this place! I didn’t see any garage or cow byres (whatever that means) and the toilet was separate from the shower.  Lesson learned: greet extreme criticism with extreme skepticism. 

I had dinner at a really nice restaurant, “La Costa Del Adobe.” The restaurant was clean, the menu was appealing and my food was great. In Spain, I am finding after every meal I come away with this assessment: “that was the best ever.” And, my meal at La Costa Del Adobe was a mixed salad. Second lesson learned: look for the best in everything and everyone, and you will surely find it. 

El Burgos Ranero to Mansilla De La Mulas, September 18, 2022 (14.1 miles)

This was a really fun day. I didn’t want it to end. The Camino de Santiago proceeds alongside paved roads, but the scenery was much improved over yesterday. I captured some good footage with my drone. My pace was good and I arrived in Mansilla De Las Mulas at 1:30 pm. Mansilla is an interesting medieval village. The center of the village is enclosed within 10 feet thick walls built by the Romans. 

Tomorrow, I leave for Leon, which is 11.4 miles from Mansilla De La Mulas. 

Miles walked: 280.6

Miles remaining: 202.9

Days to reunion with Lisa, Lori, Amy & Elle: 3

Entering El Burgos Raneros

Albergue La Laguna

La Costa Del Adobe


Leaving El Burgos Raneros

The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye

Mansilla De Las Mulas

My drone