Note: in my last post (“Another Great Day on the Camino de Santiago”), for some reason, the photos did not publish. I have added the photos, and I invite you to review my last post with the photos.

San Martin del Camino, Spain

Dear Family & Friends: 

Mansilla De Las Mulas to Leon, September 19, 2022 (12 miles)

The Camino de Santiago proceeds along the highway leading into Leon with no photo opportunities on the route. What the Camino lacks in this regard is more than made up for by the history, culture, beauty and culinary delights of the ancient city of Leon. Leon is the fourth largest city on the Camino and is loaded with historical sites. Leon is known for its great food and wine. My guidebook describes Leon as having a “heart of gold,” and as “one of the most lyrical medieval urban centers on the Camino.” My experience confirms this assessment. The highlight of my visit to Leon was the Cathedral de Santa Maria de Leon. Construction of this magnificent Cathedral began in 1205. The Cathedral features more than 1,800 square metres of stained glass windows. I was stunned by the beauty of this massive structure, inside and out.

Leon to San Martin del Camino, September 20, 2022 (16.6 miles)

This was my least favorite day on the Camino. It was a long walk on a busy, flat highway, with much of the route passing through heavy commercial and industrial zones. But, the route became a bit more rural as I approached San Martin de Camino. 

I am staying at Alburgue Vieira for 34 Euro. What a bargain. Amelia serves delicious home-cooked meals, consisting of vegetable and meat casseroles, stews and roasts, using produce from her daughter’s farm and other local producers. Can’t wait for the dinner call!

Tomorrow, I leave for Astorga where I will join Lisa, Lori, Amy & Elle for the rest of the trip. I am beyond excited and counting the hours! From Astorga, the Camino enters the mountains of Leon, so  my days on the busy highways are over.

Miles walked: 307.7

Miles remaining: 175.8

Days to reunion with Lisa, Lori, Amy & Elle: 1

The ancient wall of Mansilla de las Mulas

Entering Leon

The Cathedral de Santa Maria de Leon

Oh, those blisters on the feet

My Albergue in San Martín