September 21, 2022

This is Bill’s oldest daughter Lisa hijacking his blog without his knowledge. I am currently on a plane to Madrid with my 2 sisters, Lori and Amy, and niece Elle. We are so excited to be joining him so soon! Our dad is an amazing, wonderful human that we are so lucky to call dad and grandpa. Not because he does these extraordinary adventures in his senior years, but because he does a wonderful job being the patriarch to our family. Our dad has always taken great interest in everything we do since we were kids and given us so many life memories and with our wonderful mom, and together they bonded us as a family. We hit the lottery when it comes to parents!

When my Dad mentioned this trip a few yeas ago, I was immediately interested. I could not join him on the Everest base camp trip he did with my sisters in 2008 due to family and work obligations. Now I am an empty nester, as well as Lori, and Amy is close. What a great opportunity to spend quality time with family! The Camino de Santiago walk is known to be a spiritual meaningful journey (watch “The Way” with Martin Sheen if you get a chance). I have struggled the last 3.75 years with the devastating loss of our 21 year old son Danny to a ski accident in Breckenridge Colorado. Danny was a senior in college  and had just finished his semester exams and was on the last run of the day when he tragically hit a tree and died on the mountain. My whole world was shattered with a phone call on December 16, 2018. My dad, at age 76, was the one who boarded a plane the next morning to fly to Colorado to be near Danny and learn more about what had happened. The first night he attended a vigil with over 200 of Danny’s college friends, and then drove to Breckenridge and went on the mountain to be where Danny took his last breath. He talked to ski patrol and finished Danny’s run by skiing from the tree to the bottom. My husband flew out the next day and together they made arrangements to bring our boy home. I will forever be grateful to my dad for taking it upon himself to do what we were not yet ready to face.  I have never been strong enough to ask many questions about details he learned, but maybe I am ready, maybe not. We will have a lot of time on the Camino together where I will be traveling with some of Danny’s ashes, and a rock from the Boulder Creek (Danny loved the creek and some of his ashes are there). I will leave the rock at the Iron Cross on the Camino.

We are all so grateful to spend this time with our 80 year old dad/grandpa and sharing his love of the outdoors.  He and my mom have always been a great team and provided us with so much. I am anticipating a special life experience the next 2 weeks, with our mom cheering us on from home.

We can’t wait to see you Dad and we love you!

Love, Lisa