Pedrouzo, Spain October 2, 2022

Dear Family & Friends: 

Palas de Rei to Ribadiso de Biaxo, October 1, 2022 (16 miles)

This was a truly enjoyable day on the Camino as we crossed numerous rivers and streams and travelled on well-worn dirt paths under a thick canopy of beautiful trees. The scenery was typically stunning. We were sheltered from the sun by a nice cloud cover and the trees. 

After 10 miles, we arrived in the busy town of Melide and had a lunch of octopus, green peppers, chorizo and chicken. Elle’s knee was bothering her so she and Amy took a taxi to our hotel. Lisa, Lori and I continued for another 6 miles to Ribadiso de Biaxo. The last four miles of uphill were difficult and tiring. After we reached Ribadiso, we took a taxi to our hotel. Since there were no accommodations available in Ribadiso, we stayed at a really nice hotel in a village that was not on the Camino. After a delicious dinner, we all went right to bed.

Ribadiso to Pedrouzo, October 2, 2022 (14.5 miles)

Today matched yesterday on the Camino except it was much hotter. We are staying at a hotel in Pedrouza, which is on the Camino. The girls have a “dorm room” that sleeps four and I have my own room. Tonight, we strolled into town for dinner followed by ice cream for desert.

We spend every dinner laughing at, and about, each other and our Camino experience. For example, a few nights ago, we laughed uncontrollably when Lori described what she packed in her enormous suitcase. I can’t describe what she listed without getting in trouble. At another dinner, we laughed when we compared our thoughts about our stay at the remote farmhouse near Triactela. Lisa and I liked the venue. Lori, Amy & Elle described the farmhouse as “Bates Motel” from the movie “Psycho.” Lori barricaded herself in her room all night. Amy & Elle would not take a shower and left the lights on all night. Tonight, the laugh at dinner was about Lisa getting ready this morning to leave her room wearing her pajama bottoms. Lori had to warn her she was wearing the pajama bottoms. We all now regret that warning.

Tomorrow, we walk to Santiago de Compestelo and complete our journey on the Camino de Santiago. We don’t want this trip to end.

Miles walked: 471.1

Miles remaining: 12.4

Palas de Rei to Ribadiso

Saying goodby to the farm animals

Horreos used in the past for grain storage

Ribadiso to Pedrouzo

Bacon & eggs for breakfast


Chicken curry, pizza & salad

Things we laugh about at dinner

Bates Motel

Lisa ready to leave the room to start her day