Finisterre, Spain

October 8, 2022

Dear Family & Friends: 

Lago to Cee, October 7, 2022 (17.7 miles)

I departed the Albergue at 9:20 am, looking forward to my first view of the Atlantic Ocean upon arrival at Cee. Shortly after departure, I met my friends from Holland and we walked together to Cee. We left the Camino de Santiago and took a shortcut that shaved 3 miles off the distance from Lago to Cee. The views were great. We walked for a little more than 7 hours. A few miles outside of Cee, through the trees, I had my first glimpse  of the Atlantic Ocean. That was a happy moment. The harbor at Cee, with its crescent beach, is outstanding. I could not stop taking photos and shooting videos. 

My guidebook recommended I try the caldeirada, a fish stew which is a specialty of this region of Galacia. It is made with a firm white fish and cooked in a broth with green peppers, potaoes, onion, garlic, tomatoes and saffron. I followed this good advice and had the best dinner of the trip, preceded by a world class Cesar salad and topped with homemade chocolate and vanilla ice cream. 

Cee to Finisterre, October 8, 2022 (9.1 miles)

“Finis” (end of) “Terre” (the earth)

Today, I arrived at the End of the Earth. The Romans considered Finisterre the end of the earth and this is where the Celts worshipped the sun. Finisterre is just 9 miles from Cee. I left at 9 am and arrived at noon. When the forest yielded to the infinite ocean and the open, clear blue sky, the views were spectacular. For the last mile, I left the Camino de Santiago and walked along the beach in my bare feet collecting scallop shells. The most famous site in Finisterre is the Faro de Finisterre (lighthouse) at the end of Finisterre’s Cape, the wild peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. I went to Faro de Finisterre at the end of the day to spread some of Danny’s ashes and enjoy the sunset with him. He has been by my side this entire journey.

Tomorrow, I walk to Muxia where my adventure ends.

Lago to Cee


My first view of the Atlantic Ocean


Crescent Beach


Cee to Finisterre

Leaving Cee

Corcubion, a World Heritage Site

My first view off Finisterre

My collection of scallop shells

Faro de Finisterre

Spreading Danny’s ashes

Danny in Spain 2018