Great Falls, Montana

June 3, 2023

Dear Family & Friends:

It rained hard all day in Great Falls on June 1. I was glad I took a zero day and was staying at a hotel. In the morning, I shopped for gear and got everything I needed at sporting goods stores and Walmart. I had lunch with Greg Smith, who lives in Great Falls. Greg, his father-in-law and I climbed Mt. Rainier in 2001.

In the afternoon, I toured the C.M Russell Museum. C.M. Russell is famous for his paintings and sculpture depicting Native Americans and the American West. This is a must stop for anyone visiting Great Falls. Plan to spend at least three hours in this fabulous Museum. C.M. Russell’s paintings represent absolute brilliance in artistry. Examine the facial expressions in the people and animals and the hand gestures. Some of the sculptures depicted in this post were created by others.
Tomorrow, I will be portaged by Jack, Joan and Lindsay Love to Ft. Benton. Because of the forecast for more heavy rain tomorrow, I may stay at the Grand Union hotel in Ft. Benton. As always, I am in no hurry.

Greg Smith & Bill

C.M. Russell (on the left) and O.C Seltzer

Native Americans and cowboys

Native Americans demand a toll in beef to let the cattlemen take their herd to grazing

Native Americans looking down at the Lewis & Clark Expedition

The Roundup


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The Hold-Up

Whose Meat?

Native Americans looking down at a steamboat (“Fireboat”) on the Missouri River

Pony Express

Peace & War

Black Horse by Kevin Red Star