Romora Bay Resort

Harbor Island, Dunmore, the Bahamas

April 27, 2024

Dear Family & Friends:

Bill & Denise Ottenheimer invited my dear friend, Rick Dryer, and I to join them for a two-week sail in the Bahamas on their 48-foot catamaran sailboat, appropriately named “Living Right.” We red-eyed from San Diego to Miami on April 25, 2024 and then took a puddle-jumper from Miami to North Eleuthera airport in the Bahamas. We arrived at the airport on the morning of April 26, tired but enthusiastic for our first-time trip to the Bahamas.

Fifty years ago, Rick was Bill’s fifth grade teacher at Fremont Elementary School in San Diego, California. So, you teachers out there take note: you may have a student who makes it big in life and remembers the positive influence you had on his/her life. Choose your students carefully and a Bahamas sailing trip could be in your future.

Bill & Denise took us on a golf cart tour of Dunmore City, and we had a glorious lunch at Dunmore House Restaurant, located right on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean. Rick and I had a crab cake sandwich which was to die for. Bill & Denise had crispy fish tacos. Tacos have always been my favorite meal. But, as a purist, I don’t consider a fish taco a legitimate member of the taco family. Sorry Bill & Denise. The views of the Atlantic Ocean from the restaurant were truly spectacular. Rick and I then napped in our cabins on the Living Right to ameliorate the inevitable jet lag. Denise prepared a wonderful mac & cheese and salad dinner. We retired early and were lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking and rolling motion of Living Right.

On the morning of April 27, we all walked to the other side of the island to snorkel in the Atlantic. The seas were rough from the high winds. Bill and I ventured out to explore the reefs while Denise and Rick stayed a little closer to shore. The rest of the day was “lazy day” at the Ramora Bay Resort. We had a fabulous dinner at the Resort.

Tomorrow, we set sail for Spanish Wells. See the map below. We will access Spanish Wells by cutting through a narrow coral reef called “Devil’s Backbone.” Bill’s sailing skills, combined with Denise’s navigation, will get us there safely. We will drop anchor at “Preacher’s Cave.” Maybe, Rick will favor us with one of his famous 5th grade sermons. For example, “the future belongs to those who live passionately in the present.”

Rick turns 80 on April 28. I cannot believe I am friends with someone who is 80! Are you sure? How did that happen?

Here is our tentative schedule (weather changes everything):

Saturday, April 27-rest  in Romora Bay Resort, Dunmore Town, Harbor Island

Sunday. April 28-celebrate Rick’s 80th birthday. Sail to Spanish Wells

Monday, April 29-sail to Egg Island

Tuesday, April 30-sail to Berry Islands

Sunday, May 5-sail to Bimini Islands

Thursday, May 9-sail to Miami

Friday, May 10-Rick returns home and I fly to Pittsburgh to attend my grandson, Gavin’s, graduation from Carnegie Mellon University on May 11 &12

Sunday, May 12-I return home

Map of the Bahamas


Bill & Denise

Ramora Bay resort

“Living Right”

My Stateroom

Lunch at Dunmore House Restaurant

Dunmore House Restaurant beach access

Dinner at Ramora Bay Resort