Post Script to Southern Hospitality

Before I departed from Ed’s home, we checked the weather reports carefully. It was cloudy, but the reports showed that I was at the tail end of the front. I was back on the River at noon in a light rain. Sure enough, the front spotted me departing and made a U-turn. Within one hour, I was […]


Southern Hospitality

Somewhere in Mississippi across the River from Arkansas City, Arkansas October 13, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: October 12 was the bluebird weather day I had dreamed about over the last week. Sunny skies. Cool temps. No wind. Fast current. Few towboats and almost no wing dams.  I felt like I was flying down the Big […]


Good Fortune

Rosedale, Mississippi October 12, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: Good fortune also plays a role in extreme adventure. The predicted thunderstorm never materialized so I pushed off into the River at 10am on October 11. One hour later, the thunderstorm showed up right on cue to end my day on the River. The heavy rain was accompanied by […]



Somewhere 5 Miles North of Rosedale, Mississippi October 11, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: Each day brings a new challenge, some challenges much greater than others. Determination and resourcefulness are necessary. I am currently 150 miles south of Memphis. The trip from Memphis was pretty uneventful. Here are the two most exciting things that happened. […]


Family Reunion at the Home of the Blues

(for those of you who have been having trouble registering your email on my blog, the problem has been fixed. If you register your email in the right section of this page, you will receive an alert when I post a report on my blog) Memphis, Tennessee October 7,  2019 Dear Family & Friends: I […]


Memphis Bound

A Sandbar Near Memphis, Tennessee September 30, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: I took a zero day in Caruthersville on September 27 in order to resupply and  purchase a new iPhone. From Caruthersville, I paddled to an island about 32 miles downstream. On September 29, I arrived in Osceola, Arkansas where I met Jimbo, Christy […]


Epic Day on the Big Muddy-Part 2

Caruthersville, Missouri September 27, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: After capsizing, I invoked the  emergency plan I devised long ago from my high altitude mountaineering experiences: stay calm, carefully evaluate options, pray and trust in the Lord. Here was my dilemma. I had 1-1/2 hours of daylight left, and no idea how far it was […]


Epic Day on the Big Muddy-Part 1

Caruthersville, Missouri September 27, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: September 26 started off with such promise and optimism. Then, it turned bad. Then, it quickly turned worse. I left New Madrid at noon, bound for Caruthersville, Missouri. Everything was calm and peaceful and I was in harmony with nature, thinking I have the Big Muddy figured […]


Shake, Rattle & Roll in New Madrid

New Madrid, Missouri September 26, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: September 25 was a tough day on the River. The strong headwinds erased the benefit of the weak current. Two hours out of Hickman, the rain started. No problem, I can paddle in the rain. Then, a lightning bolt lit up the darkened sky and […]


The Essential Goodness of Humanity

Hickman, Kentucky September 25, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: Every day brings a new adventure and a reaffirmation of the essential goodness of humanity. Phil drove me to Fort Defiance Park where I was able to see the confluence of the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. Then, he gave me a tour of Cairo, […]